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I spend a lot of time hauling things from one place to another on my bicycle cargo trailer. But I spend even more time teeter tottering. Click on the big HD in the left hand corner for details on that enterprise.

But if you arrived here hoping to find some information on how to get me to haul your stuff from one place to another, this is the right place.



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Maybe you'd love to walk, ride your bike, or take the bus to work, but you need your car handy, because in the middle of the day you've got stuff you need to haul.

Or maybe you'd love to eliminate that single-occupant car trip within 1 mile of home, but the sheer volume of your cargo precludes lugging it (as an arm-load, or as a pannier-load, or as an extra bus passenger) to its destination.

HD Hauling lets you do what you'd love to do.

HD Hauling and Delivery
dave (at) hdhauling (daht) com

Basic Rate: $10.00 a load (within Ann Arbor).

But everybody's stuff is different. Yours might be so different that it requires some adjustment up or down. If you've got a one-off, super-urgent hauling need, give me a call--I might be able to help out. But that's not where HD Hauling and Delivery excels. What I like to do is create a custom-trailored solution for a client that results in regular trips for them on a semi-predictable basis.

You or your business might already own a car, so why not use your car when there's something big and heavy you need to move? That's what cars are for. You should use your car for that. Guilt-free. No one could blame you for using your car to move 200 pounds of books. Or 200 pounds of potatoes. Or 200 pounds of laptop computers. Or 200 pounds of diamonds. Especially if you have to do it over and over and over again.

But what if you had an economical alternative that didn't require a car? What if it was a way to get that stuff to where it's going without going yourself? And what if that way of transporting goods had a built-in way to advertise your organization? What if?? HD Hauling and Delivery is what is.

TEA: HD Hauling and Delivery makes a regular trip to the post office and the UPS store for ArborTeas, which is a great place to buy tea online.


BOOKS: In the case of Books By Chance the haul of out-going books down Liberty Street to the post office is a daily event. The story of how bicycle delivery for Books By Chance evolved is best told by Books by Chance. Typically a text message arrives something like, "8 bins out! Thanks!" and I shoot off a two-character reply, "OK". At that point they know that in the next little while, the blue bins they've set outside will be picked up and delivered to the post office. They don't have to wait for me--they can move on to other things.

The most-frequently asked question: what about bad weather? Umm, yeah, what about it:

Hauling Hauling
Hauling Hauling

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